Representative Coaches for the 2022 Season

U12 Boys
Craig Robinson (Lead Coach)
Bec Hall

U14 Boys
Matt Whitfield (Lead Coach)
Matt Flegaltaub
Matt Morgan

U16 Boys
Steven Gibbs (Lead Coach)
Rod Paul
Paul Romanis

U18 Boys
Peter Bauerle (Lead Coach)
Jacob Cincuak U12 Girls
Lisa Maginnity (Lead Coach)
Andrew Thomas

U14 Girls
Clinton Lowe (Lead Coach)
Jeremy Smith
Brodey Fruean

U16 Girls
David Blakemore (Lead Coach)
Brodey Fruean

U18 Girls
Shane Strang (Lead Coach)

Representative coaching positions are advertised each year, with recommendations for positions ratified by the Coaching Committee and Board.

As a representative coach for the Albury Cougars, you have a very important responsibility in educating our aspiring young players. It is critical that you are well presented, organized, motivated and committed to forward planning.

Coaches responsibilities

  • You will need to “buy-in” to the Albury Basketball Coaching community and support and adhere to the Coaches code of conduct and ethics and our Albury Basketball Association program culture.
  • Be willing to attend Albury Basketball coach development sessions and adopt a shared ‘Albury Junior Basketball’ coaching philosophy
  • Communications and interpersonal skills to be approachable and work assertively with players in the age group to deliver a clear, engaging and effective presentation within a training and game day forum. To communicate effectively with others including parents, peers and relevant basketball officials.
  • Planning and organizing skills to determine goals, plan and prepare appropriate skills, drills, strategic plays and activities that meet the fitness and skill needs of individuals and the team during training sessions and games.
  • Observation skills of individuals and groups to identify learning needs, and corrective strategies demonstrating a commitment to player and team development.
  • Problem solving skills and techniques to identify and manage inappropriate behaviour. To recognize and accommodate the needs and differences of individual players with varying ability levels in the same team.
  • Team work skills to work effectively with players, parents and relevant basketball officials as the leader of the team. To consult with peers and other relevant club or external personnel on opportunities for ongoing development and improvement.
  • Self-management skills to manage time, seek feedback from relevant others, reflect on personal style and identify opportunities for improvement. To have the capacity and humility to accept the need to change in pursuit of improvement.
  • Possess or be willing to obtain a Working with children accreditation.
  • Ability to attend and coach at all rep skills sessions, trainings and tournaments.
  • Assist ABA in ensuring players play in the ABA local competition.
  • Assist with the promotion and distribution of relevant information.
  • As part of ABA’s commitment to player welfare, and to meet Duty of Care obligations, coaches are required to advise ABA of any injuries sustained to players at practice and games (i.e. via email), and players must be advised to contact ABA to complete an injury report form.